Here’s my only post in English…

I’m a sculptor/web developer/earth scientist in Central Pennsylvania, and I’ve decided to move to Norway someday. I hail from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where there’s water and cold air much of the year. I could move back to Michigan, but honestly, while I have my strength, I want one last and large adventure, and moving to Norway sounds great.

Some things I will probably write about: I have a bright teenage son, I play the flugelhorn and the concertina. I like dogs and the out doors.

The goals of this blog are to document my strides towards moving to Norway and to practice my Norwegian; I have only begun to learn. I hope the blog encourages other people who are interested in learning. Please feel free to make comments on my grammar and vocabulary. Your suggestions will help other beginning Norsk-speakers who stumble upon this blog –  and their Norwegian!

Thanks for following my progress!

Ha det bra!


© Blake Ketchum, 2012